Nandi's Devotion
Nandi's Devotion
Nandi's Devotion
Nandi's Devotion

Nandi's Devotion

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Nandi - The greatest symbol of devotion and the beautiful blessings of devotion.

Nandi - Lord Shivas vehicle, his doorman, his companion, his friend and the head of all of Shiva's attendants.

Nandi, apart from being all of the above is also a symbol of love, peace and patience, its mere presence imparts a blissful aura and peaceful environment where ever it is placed.

Over the years whenever a temple would be renovated or redecorated, old statues would be immersed in running water. Some of these statues have been rescued, the Nandi is one such statue.

Buy the beautiful Vintage Nandi Bull Marble Statue only at Ek Dori

Dimensions (approximate)

Base : 1.5*6.5 inches
Height: 5.2 inches


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