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The Grey Murmurs Bhujodi Saree : Pure Cotton Bhujodi Handloom Saree

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The Grey Murmurs Bhujodi Saree : Pure Cotton Bhujodi Handloom Saree

The Grey Murmurs Saree : Slow, simple, beautiful story of pure love and beauty. The Grey Murmurs Bhujodi Saree with its many shades of grey on the body with a bright border running along the edges is a work of art.

The pallu boasts of the most divine textures and colours, creating an ombre haze like that of the sky at sunrise. Being in the saree is like being embraced by a soft cloud. Right at the edge of the pallu are the brightest and prettiest pompoms that are sure to steal your heart.

The saree that has the history and romance of the Rann Of Kutch ingrained in its every thread. The process of creating a Bhujodi saree is truly a story of slow romance which is first dreamed up and fantasised about in the weavers imagination. Before he can bring this imagination to life he starts with softening the brittle yarn by combing through it a paste of wheat flour and onions.

Then the threads are readied for the loom, a process which in itself can take a few days. Then starts the rhythmic music of the loom as the tana bana begin to intertwine and merge into one another.

The weaver does this dance with his creation for hours and days at end, careful not to make any mistake or he would need to start all over again.

The slow love between the weaver and his creation is true love, one that needs to be experienced, one that can be felt the moment you touch the Bhujodi saree and feel its soft caress as you drape it around yourself.

Grey Murmurs Bhujodi Saree : Slow, simple, beautiful story of pure love and beauty.

Pure Cotton

NOTE : The saree comes with an attached blouse piece. The blouse worn is for styling purposes only.

The saree will be shipped within 48 working hours of receiving the order.

Dimensions (approximate)

Saree Length : 5.5 meter
Saree Width : 45inches                                                                                          Blouse Piece : 80cm

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