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The Rumi Saree : Buy Cotton Statement Hand-embroidered Saree

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The Rumi Saree : Buy Cotton Statement Hand-embroidered Saree

This saree is inspired by Spring and Rumi's wise words 'Let Go Of Your Worries'

Spring - the most beautiful season that follows the intense winter, a season when flowers are blooming and everything is bright and light, a season that is a reminder to 'Let Go Of Your Worries' because winter always turns to spring.

Spring is represented on the saree by the beautiful flowers in full bloom. Some flowers have been hand-embroidered, some machine embroidered and some appliqued. 

The saree also has words from Rumi's poem 'Let Go Of Your Worries' hand embroidered on it, to constantly remind you live your best each day without any worry in your heart.

Let go of your worries
and be completely clear-hearted,
like the face of a mirror
that contains no images.
If you want a clear mirror,
behold yourself
and see the shameless truth,
which the mirror reflects.
If metal can be polished
to a mirror-like finish,
what polishing might the mirror
of the heart require?
Between the mirror and the heart
is this single difference:
the heart conceals secrets,
while the mirror does not.


- Appliqué, from waste scraps of fabric, to help us get to our 0 waste goal.

- Inspiring words hand embroidered.

- Has a fun printed cotton backing

- Fabric : Soft Cotton handloom saree

Note : The blouse on the model is for styling purposes and is not included with the saree. The saree does not come with a blouse.

Dimensions (approximate)

Saree Length : 5.5 meter
Saree Width : 1.1 meter

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