Living Room Tour | Living Room Decor Tips & Tricks | How To Choose Colours For Living Room | Indian

Living Room Tour | Living Room Decor Tips & Tricks | How To Choose Colours For Living Room | Indian

Living Room Tour | Living Room Decor Tips & Tricks | How To Choose Colours For Living Room | Indian

You know that I love beautiful spaces and the effect that they have on our state of mind and mood. Spaces can drain our energy or feed it and inspire us, such is the power they have on us.

Today I take you into a warm and comforting space - this is the living room tour and dining room tour of my dear friend Kirti's home, she lives in the UK with her husband and sweet little son.

You can find Kirti on Instagram here . Following her will provide you with inspiration, brightness, laughter and cuteness overload.

Indian living room tour

Please watch her Living Room and Dining Room Tour here

There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from her living room tour

1. How to choose the right colours for your living room?

    Living rooms are the first space that one sees when one steps into a home. It is the space that sets the mood. So the living room is a very important part of the home and picking the right colours for this space is the most important decision you can make as far as your homes decor is concerned. Kirti's living room colour palette comprises of blue, yellow and shades of red, which is a beautiful balance of warm and cool colours. Making sure that you stick to your colour palette is key to creating a mood and character for your space.

2. How to choose the right dining table?

Choosing the right furniture pieces is the next most important thing to keep in mind. The shape, size and scale of the furniture must be right for the room. Kirti has picked a dining table in a shape that works beautifully in her narrow long dining area.

3. How to make a small space look bigger?

Kirti has used frosted and textured glass door in the dining area instead of a heavy wood door. Using glass is an easy way to add lightness, brightness and space to any area.

4. How to add a focal point to your room?

When we think of a room focal point we usually think of coloured walls and wallpapers. Kirti has added focal points in the rooms in a very beautiful and subtle manner. In the living room there is a bright yellow painting and deep blue sofas that add interest to her room. In the dining room there is the most beautiful glass cabinet in a stunning powder pink which is unexpected and adds a soft focal point to the dining room. This powder pink was a very ordinary looking wood textured cabinet which Kirti transformed herself into this magnificent, one of a kind cabinet. ( I dream of her cabinet sometimes :)

I hope you enjoyed watching this living room and dining room tour. In the next video I give you a tour Kirti's stunning kitchen.

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