Our Story

The Dream...

For as long as I can remember I nurtured this dream to own a space that I could call my own, a space that would be an outlet for my creativity, a place where I could be free and let my imagination run wild.

As a little girl I would cut out images of beautiful stores and dream of someday owning my own. I would think of little details that would fill up the window display, the conversations my mannequins would have when no one was looking, the beautiful sunlight that would stream into the store fill up every corner with warm energy and the exposed brick walls that would lend ruggedness to all the delicate lace and crochet all around.

The Reality...

But as life went on and reality got the better of me, the dream started to gather some dust. I went on to do engineering and then an MBA, work, marriage and kids – the dream started to fade.

With time and age, I matured, became wiser and that childhood dream started to seem like just fun and games. Sometimes my mind and my heart would have intense arguments, with my heart wanting to take a step in the direction of my dream while my mind would mock that intention, scaring me with all the innumerable mountains that stood between me and my dream.

What if I fail?...

But what if I fail? But what if I lose the one thing I have - my dream?

The pain I started associating with failure became so intense that everything seemed too tiny against it. So I held on to the dream and kept it safe in a corner of my heart where there was no fear of failure or defeat.


Until one day I met a young girl, she was married early, betrayed and left alone all before she turned 24. She had dreams in her eyes, just like mine, she wanted to learn, she wanted to create, she wanted to smile, she wanted to soar high in the sky, but had no means, no resources and no opportunities.

I saw a little bit of myself in her and I knew what I needed to do. I had to give her the wings she needed and deserved, but first I had to break away from the shackles that confined me. I had to let go of my fear of failure, if not for myself then for her.

Ek Dori...

So here I am, taking that first step towards a dream, my dream, her dream and hopefully that of countless others in the future.

The foundation of Ek Dori is these dreams and through Ek Dori I would like to provide an opportunity for those that have none, an opportunity to create, to learn, to grow, to progress, to earn a respectful living doing what they love and to smile each day.

All Ek Dori products have been conceptualized, curated or created with love by the tiny Ek Dori team. Each time you buy a product from us, you give them hope, encouragement, a huge smile and sometimes they break into a joyful impromptu dance as well.

Thank you for listening to my story - our story. I hope you enjoyed your time here.

Love Abhilasha