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Ek Dori At The Sanskriti Lifestyle PopUp In Pune

Ek Dori At The Sanskriti Lifestyle PopUp In Pune When I started Ek Dori, I made a conscious decision that I would try to make Ek Dori a digital brand. This I decided for 2 reasons.. 1. I had a huge failure (watch the video about my failure here) at an exhibition 10 years ago and even today when I walk into an exhibition the memories of that failure come rushing back. I look at the tiny cookie cutter stalls, racks full of clothes, the nervousness on the faces of the sellers and it all makes me feel like I am choking, I feel like I need to run out for some air.  2. I have young children who are...

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Strength In Saree : Vini Tandon Keni

Strength In Saree There is grace in a saree, memories in a saree, there is love in a saree, colours, emotions, stories too but most importantly there is Strength In A Saree. Over the last few years, as I have travelled across India and listened to stories of women draped in sarees I have come to realise that more than anything else there is #strengthinsaree . Women have told me stories of receiving prestigious awards in their sarees, their fist day at work, getting married in their mothers saree. I have also heard stories of loss and dread, of being beaten by husbands every night, of receiving news of losing a loved one and of fighting terrifying battles of illness...

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Preserving Memories : Vintage Brass Home Decor There are so many things that move through our lives, some remain etched in our memories - like the first Titan watch with its brown leather strap and gold dial that was gifted to me by my grandmother or the first Enid Bliton that I ever read, which still sits on my shelf with its yellowing pages and beautiful musty smell of nostalgia...some things do remain forever etched in our memory. The purpose of Ek Dori has always been to create simple things that can touch lives in a very special way, beautiful things that we want to hold on to forever, things that remain etched in our memory.. But even beyond the products...

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Shopping Blogs

Queen Of Hearts Linen Saree : Ek Dori For a business to grow and sustain itself it must make money and be commercially viable and sometimes in this quest to make the business stand on its own feet the little joys are lost. But at Ek Dori our primary objective is and always will be to bring some joy, happiness and massive smiles on the faces of all those lives that we have a privilege to touch, weather it is the people who create Ek Dori or those who choose to own what they create. So when you share your stories around our sarees it gives us immense satisfaction and joy. It gives us a resilient strength that fills us...

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