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Saree Stories : Ek Dori Strength In Saree : Padmini Netke

Strength In Saree There is grace in a saree, memories in a saree, there is love in a saree, colours, emotions, stories too but most importantly there is Strength In A Saree. Over the last few years, as I have travelled across India and listened to stories of women draped in sarees I have come to realise that more than anything else there is #strengthinsaree . Women have told me stories of receiving prestigious awards in their sarees, their fist day at work, getting married in their mothers saree. I have also heard stories of loss and dread, of being beaten by husbands every night, of receiving news of losing a loved one and of fighting terrifying battles of illness...

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Ek Dori At The Sanskriti Lifestyle PopUp In Pune

Ek Dori At The Sanskriti Lifestyle PopUp In Pune When I started Ek Dori, I made a conscious decision that I would try to make Ek Dori a digital brand. This I decided for 2 reasons.. 1. I had a huge failure (watch the video about my failure here) at an exhibition 10 years ago and even today when I walk into an exhibition the memories of that failure come rushing back. I look at the tiny cookie cutter stalls, racks full of clothes, the nervousness on the faces of the sellers and it all makes me feel like I am choking, I feel like I need to run out for some air.  2. I have young children who are...

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