Fun Quirky Kitchen Tour | Kitchen Decor Tips Ideas | How To Decorate Kitchen | Quirky Cute Kitchen Decor Ideas

Fun Quirky Kitchen Tour | Kitchen Decor Tips Ideas | How To Decorate Kitchen | Quirky Cute Kitchen Decor Ideas

I believe that the heart and soul of a home lies in its kitchen. The kitchen is where we cook, spend time together and express our love for each other through the food that comes out of the kitchen.

Today I take you inside Kirti's gorgeous and fun kitchen. Kirti is a lifestyle blogger based in the UK and she is constantly upgrading her home through fun DIY's and inspiring projects. If you haven't followed her on Instagram yet, please do so here (follow Kirti on Instagram) she is sure to keep you engaged and entertained.

Also watch Kirti's living room and dining room tour here.

beautiful home tour

There are so many things that I love about this beautiful kitchen.

1. Choosing the colours for the kitchen

Kirti has kept her kitchen light and bright. The cabinets, countertops and all surfaces are light which makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter. It also keeps it looking clean and clutterfree. Kirti has used a little blue on the wall which compliments the bluish grey on the floor. However, the colour has been used on a small wall which it why it does not become overwhelming. 


2. Plants in the kitchen

I love plants inside the house, so why should the kitchen be left out? If like Kirti you have a window in the kitchen, grow some herbs and easy indoor plants in the kitchen. Plants add beauty and a positive energy in the kitchen. If there is no natural light in your kitchen, use faux plants.

3. Add personality to your kitchen

This is the part that I love the most. Kirti is warm, loving and super fun and her kitchen reflects her personality. There is quirky and fun artwork all over her kitchen and that completely transforms her kitchen. This kitchen shows that a kitchen does not just need to be functional it can also be a super fun place to be in.

I hope you enjoyed this fun quirky kitchen tour, make sure you follow Kirti and our youtube channel so you don't miss any new videos :)

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