Vintage Brass Serving Pot : The Story Of Gokarnam

Vintage Brass Serving Pot : The Story Of Gokarnam

Preserving Memories : Vintage Brass Home Decor

There are so many things that move through our lives, some remain etched in our memories - like the first Titan watch with its brown leather strap and gold dial that was gifted to me by my grandmother or the first Enid Bliton that I ever read, which still sits on my shelf with its yellowing pages and beautiful musty smell of nostalgia...some things do remain forever etched in our memory.

The purpose of Ek Dori has always been to create simple things that can touch lives in a very special way, beautiful things that we want to hold on to forever, things that remain etched in our memory..

But even beyond the products and the things, we want to hold on to the stories and the memories. All the products have special meaning for us, we work on them with love and pack them along with hopes, wishes and dreams and pass them on to you, so you can enjoy them and build stories and memories around them.

We wish to capture those stories, those memories and the lessons in history and heritage we learn from them.

Vintage Brass Home Decor : Vintage Serving Pot

Lets start the series with the Gokarnam from Andhra Pradesh.

I saw it gleaming in a dusty corner on one of my antiquing trips. It felt like it was softly calling out to me, I did try and ignore it, but my eyes kept wandering back to it.

I picked it up, inspected it, I had absolutely no idea where it came from and what its purpose was, I had to have it none the less.

So I came back home with my prized possession and decided to style and photograph it right away. I was amazed at how versatile it could be - place a small pot of greens in it, one stem of a beautiful leaf or just place it on the table as is - its golden glow, lights up any space.

I enjoyed playing with my new toy and the more I enjoyed it the more it got me curious about its origin and purpose, so I started my research and here is what I now know about this gorgeous vintage serving pot called Gokarnam which literally translates to 'ear of the cow' (go-cow , karma - ear).

The History Of Vintage Gokarnam

A traditional Andhra meal typically served on a Banana leaf and consists of a lot of pickles, powders and chutneys. What it will also most certainly contain is rice and accompanying the rice is a huge variety of liquidy dals, sambar and vegetables which get soaked up by the rice, adding flavour and statement Andhra spice.

Once upon a time these serving pots were common site during weddings and temple rituals, are now becoming a rare sight.

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