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Queen Of Hearts Linen Saree : Ek Dori

For a business to grow and sustain itself it must make money and be commercially viable and sometimes in this quest to make the business stand on its own feet the little joys are lost.

But at Ek Dori our primary objective is and always will be to bring some joy, happiness and massive smiles on the faces of all those lives that we have a privilege to touch, weather it is the people who create Ek Dori or those who choose to own what they create.

So when you share your stories around our sarees it gives us immense satisfaction and joy. It gives us a resilient strength that fills us with the determination to overcome any and all obstacles that come in our way. Your smiles and your joy becomes the fuel that motivates us to go on and challenge our creativity to do more and create products that you love.

So our joy knew no bounds when Sonia shared pictures of herself in our Queen Of Hearts saree and told us the story of her piece of Ek Dori.

 My Saree Story : Sonia Bedi Line  Saree

Hello, I am Sonia and this is my sareestory
ek dori linen saree
I had been looking for a pretty and light saree in linen or mul for a while now since everything I own is heavy and occasion wear. I needed something light but at the same time something that was fun, something that spoke to my personality and made a statement. So I looked high and low - in local stores and online boutiques but found nothing like I had in mind.
And then one day while scrolling down my Instagram feed I came across the Queen Of Hearts saree from Ek Dori, it was love at first sight for me. My husband who was sitting besides me also loved it and said " Sonia, this saree is so pretty, why don't you get it?". The more I started at it, the more in love I fell with the colour, the design and all the hearts on it. I visited their site immediately and was heartbroken to see the 'Sold Out' tag.
Not one to give up so easily, I messaged Ek Dori on Instagram and was told that the saree would be available soon, so I waited with baited breath and checked the site often.
ek dori heart linen saree
The moment I was informed about its availability, I hit the buy button and I wasn't disappointed. It was delivered super fast and came with a special personalised hand written note. On opening the package I did a happy dance, the saree is soft, light and drapes beautifully.
I decided to surprise my husband on his birthday by wearing the saree since he had no idea that I had managed to purchase the saree. The look on his face when he saw me in the saree is unforgettable, a moment I will cherish forever. He said "you look gorgeous and so perfect", each time I lay eyes on the saree I think of this special memory.
Even at the birthday party all eyes were on me, I could feel it, it was as special as it could be. I felt like a queen - Queen Of Hearts.
Looking forward to shopping again.
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