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Buy Blue White Cotton Jamdani Saree : Red 'Ink On Paper' Needle Jamdani Handmade Saree

Buy Blue White Cotton Jamdani Saree : Red 'Ink On Paper' Needle Jamdani Handmade Saree

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Buy Blue White Cotton Jamdani Saree : Red 'Ink On Paper' Needle Jamdani Handmade Saree

The art of Jamdani dates as far back as the Mughal dynasty and the rule of Jehangir. Numerous travellers from China and all over the world also mention the intricate and beautiful Jamdani weave in their accounts.

Jamdani originated in Bengal, Dhaka and Bangladesh. Jamdani textile traditionally is the finest and lightest cotton muslin fabric. Various floral and geometric patterns are created on the fine muslin using a slightly thicker thread and a needle. The process creates an overall etherial effect which almost looks like the patterns are floating in the fine cloud of muslin.

Weaving a jamdani saree is one of the most labour and time intensive method of weaving, however the results created are spectacular to say the least. A Jamdani saree is a must have piece of art, a collectors item.

You will find many Jamdani sarees online, to identify an authentic Jamdani saree observe the back closely, the thread that creates the pattern should make U patterns as it loops back and forth.

Our Ink On Paper, white & blue Jamdani saree is a traditional handloom muslin cotton needle Jamdani saree. Weaving a Jamdani saree is extremely difficult and time consuming and laborious process. This light as a feather muslin white blue Jamdani saree is truly a masterpiece and a must have in your saree collection.

- Very soft and very light cotton needle Jamdani saree

- The stripes running across the body makes it a unique piece

- Handmade, needle Jamdani

- 5.5m length saree

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Saree only.

The saree is completely handwoven and handmade, due to which it has some imperfections, we feel the imperfections in the blue Jamdani saree are proof of the fact that it has been created by loving hands, they also add to the beauty of the saree.

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