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Ek Dori

Nanis Printed Saree Petticoat : Autumn Leaves Cotton Petticoat Underskirt

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Nanis Printed Saree Petticoat : Autumn Leaves Cotton Petticoat Underskirt

One sunny summer afternoon, my sister and I were taking some pictures for Ek Dori sarees, I was wearing my nani's gorgeous petticoat under the saree. In every picture I was taking an extra effort to pose such that a hint of the petticoat peeked from under the saree. My nani's petticoat other than being my most prized piece of clothing also is beautiful, with hand crochet lace edge which I love peeking from under the saree.

So I thought, why should petticoats be hidden? Why should we feel embarrassed when the petticoat makes an appearance from under the saree?

I wanted to create petticoats that we enjoy flaunting and we don't feel the need to hide. Our petticoats are fun, printed, with the most delicate cotton lace at the bottom, which looks delightful under the saree.

- Cotton petticoat

- Has a beautiful pretty print

- Gorgeous textures

- Fun frill in a contrast fabric at the bottom

- Feels great

- Adjustable drawstring at waist

SHIPPING : The underskirt is ready to be shipped and will be shipped within 48 working hours of us receiving the order.

Dimensions (approximate)

Small - Medium

Petticoat Length : 41 inches
Petticoat Waist : 41 inches (can be made smaller with drawstring)
Petticoat Hips : 51 inches

Medium - Large

Petticoat Length : 41                                                                                                                  Petticoat Waist : 44 inches (can be made smaller with drawstring)
Petticoat Hips : 51 inches