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Buy Designer Saree Online : 'Birds Of A Feather' Silk Kantha Embroidered Silk Saree

Buy Designer Saree Online : 'Birds Of A Feather' Silk Kantha Embroidered Silk Saree

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Buy Designer Saree Online : 'Birds Of A Feather' Silk Kantha Embroidered Silk Saree

'Birds Of A Feather' Beige Silk Kantha Embroidered Saree : Masterpiece Silk Kantha Saree

The 'Birds Of A Feather' Kantha Silk Saree is soft to touch and beautiful to drape. It is a unique one of a kind saree with a rich feel, texture and a beautiful sheen. The beautiful beige colour silk forms the perfect canvas for the bright Kantha birds.

The beautiful silk canvas has been turned into a masterpiece work of art by the kantha patterns intricately hand embroidered on it.

The word Kantha comes from the Sanskrit work Kontha which literally translates into rags. As a tradition old dhotis, sarees that due to wear and time were damaged or had turned extremely soft would be layered one over the other and then handstitched together. Beautiful stitches would cover the entire surface of the layers of fabric to provide strength to this new fabric, created from the old.

This saree uses the age old tradition and craft in a modern beautiful way. The saree has beautiful flower vines and birds all over and the most intricate palla - all created by loving hands stitch by stitch.

NOTE : Each saree has been created with a lot of love. It takes a month or more to complete one saree. These sarees has created in tiny homes, where the entire family contributes to complete 1 saree. Hence, the saree may have some imperfections and little spots and stains. We feel these imperfections are testimony of the work that has gone into it and hence make them more beautiful.

- Pure Bangalore Silk

- Beautiful Beige Colour

- Hand Embroidered Stitch By Stitch

- Rich Textures

- Fun Kantha Birds

- Beautiful To Drape

- Versatile

- Evergreen Elegance

- One Of A Kind

- Attached blouse piece

NOTE : The saree comes with a blouse piece. The blouse worn is for styling purposes only.

There might be a 10% colour variation due to light, camera etc. The pictures are of the actual saree.

SHIPPING : The saree is ready to be shipped and will be shipped within 48 working hours of us receiving the order.

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