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Vintage Metal Home Decor : Vintage Aarti Dhunachi

Vintage Metal Home Decor : Vintage Aarti Dhunachi

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Vintage Metal Home Decor : Pair Of Vintage Aarti Dhunachi 

Dhunachi (धुनाची,धुनुची)(ধুনুচি) is a Bengali incense burner used for one of the stages during aarti, or ritualized dance worship. It is often used following the arati with the pradip (a lamp with an odd number of wicks).

It is lit by placing burning coal at the bottom, which ignites a layer of slow-burning coconut husk, on which incense (usually resin like Indian Frankincense or "Dhuno" ("धूना")("ধুনো")) is sprinkled.

During the Durga puja in eastern India, it is common to have dhunuchi nritya, or a frenzied dance with the censer, to the accompaniment of feverish dhak rolls. 


The pair of vintage dhunachi makes for a beautiful home decor accent, with its worn out silver hue and delicate hand work. It can also be used as a dhunachi during your pooja. 

The pair of vintage dhunachi is beautiful to look at and blissful to use.




Height : 0.6 inches

Lenght : 10.8 inches

Width Round Part Diameter : 1.5 inches

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